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Why the output is different how ever the formula is the same?

By : dole
Date : August 01 2020, 10:00 PM
I wish this help you The C++ standard permits an implementation to evaluate floating-point expressions with more precision than is required by the nominal format. For example, float expressions may be evaluated as if they were double or more, and double expressions may be evaluated as if they were long double. This extra precision can cause differences in evaluation, especially where discontinuous functions (such as conversion to int) are used.
For example, given y = 89, y / 10.0 - y / 10 would be .9 in real-number arithmetic, but it is 0.9000000000000003552713678800500929355621337890625 in double (IEEE-754 binary64) arithmetic and 0.89999999999999999965305530480463858111761510372161865234375 in long double (Intel’s 80-bit format) arithmetic, and then multiplying by 10 and converting to int produces 9 or 8, respectively.
code :
int foo = (double) ((double) (y / 10.0) - y / 10) * 10;
int bar = (double) ((double) (89 / 10.0) - 89 / 10) * 10;

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google sheets, use formula output for next formula

By : Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . I'm trying to CONCATENATE two cells in order to compare the results so that I can search by them, however the values of the two CONCATENATE outputs are different as one inputs is coming from the another formula. , So you have a couple of issues here.

How do i hide columns with formula output 0 without changing the formula to value

By : user2756425
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will be helpful for those in need You're on the right track, kinda but few details / improvements to be made
code :
Private Sub hide_zeroes()

  Dim ws as Worksheet: Set ws = Sheets("Your sheet name") '<- edit me
  Dim lc as Long: lc = ws.Cells(9, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column 'last active Column
  Dim i as Long

  For i = 1 to lc 'from first till last colummn
     If ws.Cells(9, i) = "0" Then 'if 9th row of Column [i] is 0 Then
         ws.Columns(i).EntireColumn.Hidden = True 'hide entire column
     End If
  Next i

End Sub
For i = 1 to 99
   'some code
Next i 'note the i <- 

Reading a formula output

By : steben
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it fixes the issue I used a different method, Instead of trying to pick up the formula value I instead calculated the result in VBA
code :
If Range("K44") = "Yes" And Range("K46") = "Yes" And Range("K50") = "No" And Range("K52") = "No" And Range("K54") = "No" And Range("K56") = "No" And Range("K58") = "No" And Range("K60") = "No" And Range("K62") = "No" Or Range("K44") = "Yes" And Range("K48") = "Yes" And Range("K50") = "No" And Range("K52") = "No" And Range("K54") = "No" And Range("K56") = "No" And Range("K58") = "No" And Range("K60") = "No" And Range("K62") = "No" Then

        Call ShowEBAResult

End If

How do I replace the formula in a cell with the output of the formula?

By : user3785234
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help Select the cells you want to replace and copy them. Then go to "Edit->Paste Special" and select values instead of all.
Since this doesn't change non-formula cells, you could select the entire sheet and copy->paste special to remove all formulas.

Formula gives wrong output

By : Lyle Shaw
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you I use this: , Consider:
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