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LINQ on the .NET 2.0 Runtime

By : Alex
Date : July 28 2020, 04:00 PM
I wish this help you There are some "Hacks" that involve using a System.Core.dll from the 3.5 Framework to make it run with .net 2.0, but personally I would not want use such a somewhat shaky foundation.
See here: LINQ support on .NET 2.0
code :

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Is there any way to set the TableAttribute at runtime, OR any way to do LINQ type switching at runtime?

By : Y. Bai
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem You can implement this scenario by manually creating a base class (which is not mapped to any table) and two its 'trivial' descendants (each mapped to one of the tables you work with).
More precisely, the following steps should be performed:
code :
namespace MyContext {

  public partial class ItemBase : INotifyPropertyChanging, INotifyPropertyChanged {
    ... // Generated code.

  [Table(Name = @"ItemXs")]
  public partial class ItemX : ItemBase {}

  [Table(Name = @"ItemYs")]
  public partial class ItemY : ItemBase {}

  public partial class MyDataContext {

    public Devart.Data.Linq.Table<ItemX > ItemXs {
      get { return this.GetTable<ItemX>(); }

    public Devart.Data.Linq.Table<ItemY> ItemYs {
      get { return this.GetTable<ItemY>(); }


LINQ - changing Data Source (and the LINQ Provider) at runtime in C#

By : Humberto Beltrao
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps I think you are looking for something like a Repository Pattern. You would have an interface as follows:
code :
public interface IMyRepository
    IEnumberable<MyObject> GetObjects();
public class MyRepository : IMyRepository
    private Context dbContext;

    IEnumberable<MyObject> GetObjects()
         return dbContext.MyObjects;
var dataCollection = from data in repository.GetObjects()
                             where data.Intdata == 5
                             select data;

Binding VB.net DataRepeater to dataview items at runtime with aggregation using linq

By : Jesse Fried
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you Coming back to my own question, in case it helps anyone else: MSDN had the answer - You need to overload copyToDataTable as described in
"How to: Implement CopyToDataTable Where the Generic Type T Is Not a DataRow" on:

missing runtime store error on linux with .NET Core 2.0 runtime only

By : Amy LaPointe
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you Update 12/4/2017
The ASP.NET Core runtime is now listed on the main downloads page for .NET Core. https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/linux
code :
curl https://packages.microsoft.com/keys/microsoft.asc | gpg --dearmor > microsoft.gpg
sudo mv microsoft.gpg /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/microsoft.gpg
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb [arch=amd64] https://packages.microsoft.com/repos/microsoft-ubuntu-xenial-prod xenial main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dotnetdev.list'
sudo apt update
sudo apt install aspnetcore-store-2.0.0

Net Runtime Bug : .NET Runtime 2.0 Error - Event Id: 1000 Crashed my program. What caused this?

By : user3931137
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
To fix this issue As you are not getting any useful information at the time of the crash, an alternative approach is to attach a debugger to the crashing EXE. There are two ways I suggest:
Using Visual Studio
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