merge two variables having arrays

merge two variables having arrays

By : Aziz Maulana
Date : November 18 2020, 03:01 PM
help you fix your problem I have a variable $first which is an array. Another variable $second is also an array with different data. $first is assigned to $data['result']. , You can do $data['result'] = array_merge($first,$second);
code :

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perl: deep merge with per-element arrays merge

perl: deep merge with per-element arrays merge

By : Aravindan G
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I think the issue was by ths following , I think that specify_behaviour is used to specify how to handle conflicts, or uneven structures to merge. The documentation doesn't actually say much. But try it, go through defined shortcuts, or try to set them yourself. For your data structure you could try
code :
SCALAR => ARRAY => sub { [ %{$_0}, %{$_[0]} ] }
SCALAR => ARRAY => HASH => sub { [ $_[0], $_[0] ] }
use warnings;
use strict;

my %a = ( 
    'arr1' => [ { a => 'A', a1 => 'A1' } ],
    'arr2' => [ { aa => 'AA', aa1 => 'AA1' } ] 
my %b = ( 
    'arr1' => [ { b => 'B', b1 => 'B1' } ], 
    'arr2' => [ { bb => 'BB', bb1 => 'BB1' } ] 
# Copy top level, %a to our target %c
my %c;
@c{keys %a} = values %a;
# Iterate over hash keys, then through array
foreach my $key (sort keys %c) {
    my $arr_len = @{$c{$key}};
    foreach my $i (0..$arr_len-1) {
        my %hb = %{ ${$b{$key}}[$i] };
        # merge: add %b to %c
        @{ ${$c{$key}}[$i] }{keys %hb} = values %hb;
# Print it out
foreach my $key (sort keys %c) {
    print "$key: ";
    my $arr_len = @{$c{$key}};
    foreach my $i (0..$arr_len-1) {
        my %hc = %{ ${$c{$key}}[$i] };
        print "$_ => $hc{$_}, " for sort keys %hc;
    print "\n";

   arr1: a  => A,  a1  => A1,  b  => B,  b1  => B1, 
   arr2: aa => AA, aa1 => AA1, bb => BB, bb1 => BB1,
Merge-sort using a merge function that has 2 arrays as parameters

Merge-sort using a merge function that has 2 arrays as parameters

By : user5157697
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it should still fix some issue Notice the Merge1 function call Merge1(v, m, v+m, r-m);, and refer to the function declaration:
code :
void MergeSort (int v[], int l, int r)
    if (l==r) return;
    int m = (l+r)/2;
    MergeSort (v, l, m);
    MergeSort (v, m+1, r);
    Merge1(v, m, v+m, r-m);

void Merge1(int v1[], int L1, int v2[], int L2) // L1 and L2 are the lenghts of the vector
void MergeSort (int v[], int l, int r)
    if (l==r) return;
    int m = (l+r)/2;
    MergeSort (v, l, m);
    MergeSort (v, m+1, r);
    Merge1(v+l, m-l+1, v+m+1, r-m);
PHP - Merge arrays | Numbers of arrays not known because arrays coming by loop

PHP - Merge arrays | Numbers of arrays not known because arrays coming by loop

By : shobe
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help This will works for an Album's full info. I posted it here for future user.
code :
$getfilelist = 'select * from fileartist fid IN (210,209)'; // fetching two rows
    $FILE = $db->query($getfilelist);
    $file_tot = count($FILE);
    for($i=0;$i<$file_tot;$i++) {
    $artist = array_merge($artist,explode(',', $FILE[$i]['artist'])); // Because Artist names saved like this `A,B` in first row and `A,C,D` in second. 
    $music = array_merge($music,explode(',', $FILE[$i]['music']));
    $label = array_merge($label,explode(',', $FILE[$i]['label']));
    $lyrics = array_merge($lyrics,explode(',', $FILE[$i]['lyrics']));

Merge sorting, arrays rearranging during merge. Java

Merge sorting, arrays rearranging during merge. Java

By : user1915717
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . The mergeSort function returns a sorted array, which we are not tracking. Since the sorted array(left & right) is lost, the merge function is again picking up unsorted left and right array. The fix would be to update
code :
leftSide = mergeSort(leftSide);
rightSide = mergeSort(rightSide);
Merging k sorted arrays - Priority Queue vs Traditional Merge-sort merge, when to use which?

Merging k sorted arrays - Priority Queue vs Traditional Merge-sort merge, when to use which?

By : Jay
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you The total number of operations, compares + moves, is about the same either way. A k-way merge does more compares but fewer moves. My system has an 8 way cache (Intel 3770K 3.5 ghz), which in the case of a 4 way merge sort, allows for 4 lines of cache for the 4 input runs and 1 line of cache for the merged output run. In 64 bit mode, there are 16 registers that can be used for working variables, 8 of them used for pointers to the current and end position of each "run" (compiler optimization).
On my system, I compared a 4 way merge (no heap, ~3 compares per element moved) versus a 2 way merge (~1 compare per move, but twice as many passes), the 4 way has 1.5 times the number of compares, but 0.5 times the number of moves, so essentially the same number of operations, but the 4 way is about 15% faster due to cache issues.
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