Matlab equivalent code of the following equation

Matlab equivalent code of the following equation

Date : November 19 2020, 03:01 PM
hope this fix your issue If A is a matrix with m rows and n columns, then the sum is just the sum of the nth row in AT. This is the same as the corresponding sum of the nth column in A: . The matrix multiplication it represents works out nicer with the transpose because matrix multiplications are just sums of weighted rows.
Similarly, is the mth row of A, weighted element-wise by by c.
code :
c = [1; 2; 3; 4];
d = [0.5; 0.9];
A = ... some 2x4 matrix;
e = sum(A, 1).';
k = 50;

for i = 1 : k
    c = c .* (A.' * (d ./ (A * c)) ./ e);
c = zeros(4, 51);
c(:, 1) = [1; 2; 3; 4];
for i = 1 : k
    c(:, k + 1) = c(:, k) .* (A.' * (d ./ (A * c(:, k))) ./ e);

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Unable to code non linear equation in MATLAB R2013a - MATLAB giving warning message

Unable to code non linear equation in MATLAB R2013a - MATLAB giving warning message

By : Josie Moore Roy
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you There are an infinite number of solutions to this for an unspecified value of n > 3 and unknown r. I hope that it's pretty clear why – it's effectively asking for a greater and greater number of roots of (1+r)^n. You can find solutions for fixed values of n, however. Note that as n becomes larger there are more and more solutions and of course some of them are complex. I'm going to assume that you're only interested in real values of r. You can use solve and symbolic math for n = 4, n = 5, and n = 6 (for n = 6, the solution may not be in a convenient form):
code :
y = 441361;
x = 66990;
n = 5;
syms r;
rsol = solve(y/x-((1+r)^n-1)/r==0,r,'IgnoreAnalyticConstraints',true)
y = 441361;
x = 66990;
n = 5;
f = @(r)y/x-((1+r).^n-1)./r;
r0 = 1;
rsol = fzero(f,r0)
For loop equation into Octave / Matlab code

For loop equation into Octave / Matlab code

By : ssk
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue Ok, I think I finally understand your question:
you are trying to find a set of phase1, phase2,..., phaseN, such that equations like the ones you describe are satisfied You know how to find y, and you supply values for freq and amp. In Matlab, such a problem would be solved using, for example fsolve, but let's look at your problem step by step.
Error in Heat Equation Matlab Code

Error in Heat Equation Matlab Code

By : Brandon K
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish helps you the problem is caused by the fact that M is 0, this happens because x is an array of length 0, this is due to the misuse of linspace.
linspace when used as follows: linspace(x1, x2, n) generates an array of length n of equally spaced points from x1 to x2, in your case n is 0.05 and is rounded down to 0.
Optim-nonlinear equation in matlab code

Optim-nonlinear equation in matlab code

By : leong
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope this helps So, I was having fun with this (thanks for that)!
Different question, different answer.
code :
function C = solve_for_F()

    % Points of interest
    px = 6;
    py = 4.2;

    % Wrapper function; search for those constants 
    % causing the correct X,Y intercepts (at px, py)
    G = @(C) abs(F( 0, px, C)) + ... % X intercept at px
             abs(F(py,  0, C));      % Y intercept at py

    % Initial estimate, based on your original equation
    C0 = [5/33

    % Minimize the error in G by optimizing those constants
    C = fminsearch(G, C0);

    % Plot the solutions
    plot_XY(px, py, C);


function plot_XY(xmax,ymax, C)

    % graininess of X
    N = 100;

    % Find solutions for all alphae
    Y       = zeros(1,N);
    X       = linspace(0, xmax, N);
    y0      = linspace(ymax, 0, N);
    options = optimset('Display', 'off',...,...
                       'TolX'   , 1e-10);

    % Solve the nonlinear equation for each X
    for ii = 1:numel(X)

        % Wrapper function for fzero()
        fcn1 = @(y)F(y, X(ii), C);

        % fzero() is probably the fastest and most intuitive 
        % solver for this problem
        [Y(ii),~,flag] = fzero(fcn1, y0(ii), options);

        % However, it uses an algorithm that easily diverges
        % when the function slope is large. For those cases, 
        % solve with fminsearch()
        if flag ~= 1

            % In this case, the minimum of the absolute value
            % is searched for (which should be zero)
            fcn2 = @(y) abs(fcn1(y));

            Y(ii) = fminsearch(fcn2, y0(ii), options);


    % Now plot the X,Y solutions
    plot(X, Y,...
        'linewidth', 2,...
        'color',     [1 0.65 0]);    
    xlabel('X'), ylabel('Y')
    axis([0 xmax+.1 0 ymax+.1])


function fval = F(Y, X, C)

    % Unpack constants
    b = C(1);  d = C(3);
    c = C(2);  k = C(4);

    % pre-work
    V = atan2(2*Y, X) + c;

    % Eq. 2
    fval = sqrt( (b*Y*sin(V) + k*X*(cos(V) + 1))^2 + ...
                 (b*Y*cos(V) - k*X* sin(V)     )^2  ) - d;
How to covert this specific equation to matlab code

How to covert this specific equation to matlab code

By : user2193383
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps How to represent this equation to matlab code , Like so:
code :
function y = sgn(x)
if x == 0
    y = 0;
    y = x / abs(x);
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