How do I do a vlookup against fields in multiple columns

How do I do a vlookup against fields in multiple columns

By : Joe ediker
Date : November 20 2020, 03:01 PM
help you fix your problem I've got a column with multiple values, separated by columns and I need to lookup each individual value in the field as part of a VLOOKUP formula. , to put them in different cells use this formula:
code :
=VLOOKUP(TRIM(MID(SUBSTITUTE($A2,",",REPT(" ",999)),(COLUMN(A:A)-1)*999+1,999)),$H:$I,2,FALSE)

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VLookup multiple columns

VLookup multiple columns

By : la_Rose
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish did fix the issue. This is about 20-30x faster than a simple loop (tested over a column of 20k values, with 3 matches to the value being searched).
code :
'rng: a single-column range to search for matches
'val: the value to match on
'col: offset from match in rng to concatenate values from (similar
'       to the matching VLOOKUP argument)
Function MultiLookup(rng As Range, val As String, col As Long)

    Dim i As Long, v, s
    Dim r As Long

    r = rng.Cells.Count
    v = Application.Match(val, rng, 0)
    s = ""
    Do While Not IsError(v)
        s = s & IIf(s <> "", ",", "") & rng.Cells(v).Offset(0, col - 1).Value
        r = r - v
        Set rng = rng.Offset(v, 0).Resize(r, 1)
        v = Application.Match(val, rng, 0)
    MultiLookup = s

End Function
VLOOKUP on multiple columns

VLOOKUP on multiple columns

By : Joy Mondal
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you Actually it's not that difficult, providing your lookup_value appears precisely once within that range.
For example, with a range of A2:D100 and a search value in e.g. G2:
vlookup with multiple columns

vlookup with multiple columns

By : Anne Breiehagen
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help INDEX works fast than VLOOKUP, I would recommend using that. It'll reduce the strain that many vlookups would put on your system.
First find the row that contains what you need in a helper column with MATCH:
code :
ID|Name|Match |Column 1 |Column 2
 1|AB  |Match1|IndexCol1|IndexCol2
 2|CD  |Match2|IndexCol1|IndexCol2
 3|EF  |Match3|IndexCol1|IndexCol2
Vlookup for multiple columns

Vlookup for multiple columns

By : Chai
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
hop of those help? Should be fairly straightforward VLOOKUP, may require adjustment based on the range you're using but:
=VLOOKUP(_id_reference_, $A$2:$E$7, Column(), False) should do it. The important part in the formula are the $ which retain absolute reference to Column A, and then in the second argument an absolute reference to the entire table A2:E7. If you omit the $ notation, then the range in the formula will "drag", which can yield inconsistent results.
VBA: vlookup through multiple columns

VBA: vlookup through multiple columns

By : user2840691
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I think the issue was by ths following , Firstly, please NEVER use VLOOKUP. Ever.
An INDEX/MATCH combination is always better in every way. It is faster, more flexible and more robust as it does not break if you insert columns. It is also (arguably) easier to use as you do not need to count columns.
code :
=INDEX(<range of return values>),SUMPRODUCT(--MAX((<range to search in>=<value to search for>)*ROW(<range to search in>)))-(ROW(<range to search in>)-1))
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