combine the two JSON Objects depending on the ids

combine the two JSON Objects depending on the ids

By : James E. Bush
Date : November 20 2020, 03:01 PM
This might help you I am trying to combine two JSON objects using angular and create a single object. somehow i am able to do it but a small glitch not able to find what can be done for that .. below are the two JSON objects:
code :
var array1 = [
                    "personId": 7,
                    "batchNumber": 213,
                    "name": "Mike",
                    "company": "abc"

                var array2 = [
                    "batchNumber": 213,
                    "role": "engineer"

                      "batchNumber": 213,
                      "role": "architect"

                var finalData = [];
                array1.forEach(data => {
                    //filter batchwise data
                    var dataFromArray2 = array2.filter(arry2 => {               
                   return arry2.batchNumber === data.batchNumber });
                    //pushing data in main array
                    dataFromArray2.forEach(batchData => {
                            personId: data.personId,
                            batchNumber: batchData.batchNumber,
                            name: data.name,
                            company: data.company,
                            role: batchData.role

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C# Combine JSON objects

C# Combine JSON objects

By : user2916341
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times If doing it in javascript is an option for you prior to c# working with the set then you could use underscore.js. I don't include any checking to see if id is the same so if this may be the case this needs to be added
code :
var objects = [
    "id" : 1,
    "firstName" : "John"
    "id" : 1,
    "firstName" : "John",
    "lastName" : "Dow",
    "phone" : "555-555-5555"
    "id" : 1,
    "phone" : "(555) 555-555"
    "id" : 1,
    "position" : "Peon"

var merged = _.reduce(objects, function(sum, value){ return _.extend(sum, value); }, {});


 "phone":"(555) 555-555",
C# Json combine two different objects

C# Json combine two different objects

By : Jynx
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . You can have your dataV2 class (which i would advice to change its name to something more meaningful) have a double? nullable field instead of a double. That way, you won't have to duplicate your object for cases where there is "value" field in the JSON:
code :
public class SomeData
    public string Time { get; set; }
    public double? Value { get; set; }

    public SomeData(string time, double? value)
        this.time = time;   
        this.value = value;   

    public SomeData() { }
SomeData data = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<SomeData>(json, 
                            new JsonSerializerSettings 
                            { NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore });
Combine these 2 json objects released asynchronously into single json string

Combine these 2 json objects released asynchronously into single json string

By : Richard Huber
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
seems to work fine I am using node.js yahoo-finance module to retrieve Apple and Google stock prices. This works and the code is shown below. , to the comment from ojovirtua, I found the answer.
code :
    fields: FIELDS,
    symbols: SYMBOLS
}).then(function (result) {
Combine JSON Objects with Key Value

Combine JSON Objects with Key Value

By : Manav Sharma
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
seems to work fine You should loop through objects array, create index from date property, then you should check if your grouped array contains this index, if yes, you should push current element to array under that index, if not you should create new array under that index and push current element to it.
Take a look on snippet below.
code :
var elements = [{"date":"2016-01-07T12:45:00.000Z",

var groupedElements = {};

elements.forEach(function(element) {

  var index = element.date.slice(0, 10);
  if(groupedElements[index] === undefined) {
     groupedElements[index] = [];

How do I combine JSON objects with the same name?

How do I combine JSON objects with the same name?

By : user1411220
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you Assuming you get the data as an object from the data base, you could iterate the objects and take the properties for new object.
For assigning a value, you could take SEASON for addressing the related ingredients.
code :
var data = [
        { ROOM_ID: 1234567, SEASON: 1, ING_S1: 35, ING_S2: null, ING_S3: null },
        { ROOM_ID: 1234567, SEASON: 2, ING_S1: null, ING_S2: 24, ING_S3: null },
        { ROOM_ID: 1234567, SEASON: 3, ING_S1: null, ING_S2: null, ING_S3: 15 },
        { ROOM_ID: 2233445, SEASON: 2, ING_S1: null, ING_S2: 60, ING_S3: null },
        { ROOM_ID: 2233445, SEASON: 3, ING_S1: null, ING_S2: null, ING_S3: 41 }
    result = {};

data.forEach(({ ROOM_ID, SEASON, ING_S1, ING_S2, ING_S3 }) => {
    result[ROOM_ID] = result[ROOM_ID] || { roomName: 'blabla', ingredientsS1: '', ingredientsS2: '', ingredientsS3: '' };
    result[ROOM_ID]['ingredientsS' + SEASON] = [ING_S1, ING_S2, ING_S3][SEASON - 1];

.as-console-wrapper { max-height: 100% !important; top: 0; }
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