Setting up mock objects for EF dbcontext to test repository methods

Setting up mock objects for EF dbcontext to test repository methods

By : Patrick Clark
Date : November 21 2020, 03:00 PM
it should still fix some issue I am assuming that you are trying to mock WorldContextand to use it with your repo instance ,so we need to mock that first. To do that create an interface for worlddbcontext.
code :
public interface IWorldContext
        DbSet<Stop> Stops { get; set; }
        DbSet<Trip> Trips { get; set; }
 private Mock<IWorldContext> _context;
 private WorldRepository _repo;

        public void Test_AddTrips()

            var data = new List<Stop> {
                 new Stop
                    Arrival = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-15),
                    Id = 1,
                    Latittude = 0.05,
                    Longitude = 0.004,
                    Name = "Test Trip01",
                    Order = 1
                   new Stop
                    Arrival = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-20),
                    Id = 2,
                    Latittude = 0.07,
                    Longitude = 0.015,
                    Name = "Test Trip02",
                    Order = 2


            var mockSet = new Mock<DbSet<Stop>>();
            mockSet.As<IQueryable<Stop>>().Setup(m => m.Provider).Returns(data.Provider);
            mockSet.As<IQueryable<Stop>>().Setup(m => m.Expression).Returns(data.Expression);
            mockSet.As<IQueryable<Stop>>().Setup(m => m.ElementType).Returns(data.ElementType);
            mockSet.As<IQueryable<Stop>>().Setup(m => m.GetEnumerator()).Returns( data.GetEnumerator());

            _context = new Mock<IWorldContext>();

           //Set the context of mock object to  the data we created.
            _context.Setup(c => c.Stops).Returns(mockSet.Object);

           //Create instance of WorldRepository by injecting mock DbContext we created
            _repo = new WorldRepository(_context.Object);    

                new Stop
                    Arrival = DateTime.Now,
                    Id = 2,
                    Latittude = 0.01,
                    Longitude = 0.005,
                    Name = "Test Trip",
                    Order = 5


            var count = _repo.GetAllTrips().Count();

            Assert.AreEqual(3, count);


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How do you mock adding items to a repository or DbContext using moq?

How do you mock adding items to a repository or DbContext using moq?

By : Ken
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
will help you Try to use fake in memory repository instead of moq, for example universal generic repository for all entities:
code :
public interface IInMemoryRepository<T> where T : class
    IQueryable<T> GetAll();
    void Create(T item);
    void Update(T item);
    T GetItem(Expression<Func<T, bool>> expression);
    void Delete(T item);

public class InMemoryRepository<T> : IInMemoryRepository<T> where T : class
    private int _incrementer = 0;
    public Dictionary<int, T> List = new Dictionary<int, T>();

    public IQueryable<T> GetAll()
        return List.Select(x => x.Value).AsQueryable();

    public void Create(T item)
        item.GetType().GetProperties().First(p => p.Name == "Id").SetValue(item, _incrementer, null);
        List.Add(_incrementer, item);

    public void Update(T item)
        var key = (int)item.GetType().GetProperties().First(p => p.Name == "Id").GetValue(item, null);
        List[key] = item;

    public T GetItem(Expression<Func<T, bool>> expression)
        return List.Select(x => x.Value).SingleOrDefault(expression.Compile());

    public void Delete(T item)
        var key = (int)item.GetType().GetProperties().First(p => p.Name == "Id").GetValue(item, null);
Pass mock objects as JUnit parameter to test methods with parameters

Pass mock objects as JUnit parameter to test methods with parameters

By : Ana Luísa Carvalhal
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
seems to work fine https://github.com/piotrturski/zohhak/blob/master/Full-Guide.md#basic-usage
code :
primitives and their wrappers
BigInteger, BigDecimal (since 1.1.0)
Unit Test Mock Controller, C# Do I need to Mock HTTPContext? What methods do I mock?

Unit Test Mock Controller, C# Do I need to Mock HTTPContext? What methods do I mock?

By : Venkat
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
may help you .
Question: What methods am I supposed to be mocking and testing within the controller?
code :
    public void SearchforAccount_ReturnSearchAccount()
        var mockAccountsManager = A.Fake<IAccountsManager>();
        var mockCallerInfoManager = A.Fake<ICallerInfoManager>();
        const string SearchTerm = "google"; // Use the passed in parameter in the CallTo setup

        //Define search parameter
        AccountRequest mockAccountRequest = new AccountRequest
            SearchTerm = SearchTerm

        List<Account> expected = new List<Account> { new Account() }; // What we expect to get back

        A.CallTo(() => mockAccountsManager.GetAllWithNameContaining(SearchTerm, A<string>.Ignored)).Returns(expected); // mock the call made in the controller

        using (var accountsController = new AccountController2(mockAccountsManager, mockCallerInfoManager))
            List<Account> returnedAccounts = accountsController.Search(mockAccountRequest);

            Assert.AreSame(expected, returnedAccounts);
public CallerInfo GetFrom(HttpRequest request)
    return ExtractCallerInfo(request.QueryString);

public CallerInfo GetFromHttpContext()
    return GetFrom(HttpContext.Current.Request);
How do I unit test a repository that uses DbContext with NSubstitute?

How do I unit test a repository that uses DbContext with NSubstitute?

By : Yuré Vanderbruggen
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. Well, having driven myself mad trying to do it the way I showed in my question, I came across Effort, which was designed for the task, and followed this tutorial, which got me going. I had a few problems with his code, which I'l explain below.
Briefly, what I did was...
code :
private MyEntities _ctx;
private BaseRepository<Patient> _patientsRepository;
private List<Patient> _patients;

public void Initialize() {
  string connStr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["MyEntities"].ConnectionString;
  DbConnection connection = EntityConnectionFactory.CreateTransient(connStr);
  _ctx = new MyEntities(connection);
  _patientsRepository = new BaseRepository<Patient>(_ctx);
  _patients = GetPatients();
public void BaseRepository_Update() {
  Assert.AreEqual(_patients.Count, _patientsRepository.GetAll().Count());

#region Helper methods

private List<Patient> GetPatients() {
  return Enumerable.Range(1, 10).Select(CreatePatient).ToList();

private static Patient CreatePatient(int id) {
  return new Patient {
    ID = id,
    FirstName = "FirstName_" + id,
    Surname = "Surname_" + id,
    Address1 = "Address1_" + id,
    City = "City_" + id,
    Postcode = "PC_" + id,
    Telephone = "Telephone_" + id

private void AddAllPatients() {
  _patients.ForEach(p => _patientsRepository.Update(p));

In C# Unit test how do equivalent of Java's Spy (instead of Mock) to only mock some methods on a class?

In C# Unit test how do equivalent of Java's Spy (instead of Mock) to only mock some methods on a class?

By : user2648096
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem With C# mocking frameworks, you do not have a concept like a spy. What you can do is to create a mock and arrange it to call the original code where your method that calls the static method can return the value you desire. You should have in mind that the free C# mocking frameworks will work only with interfaces and virtual methods. So if your case is to arrange a public virtual method that returns a value than here is how this could be done. I will use the free version JustMock for the next examples:
code :
HasSomeStaticCall obj = Mock.Create<HasSomeStaticCall>(Behavior.CallOriginal);
Mock.Arrange(() => obj.callStaticThing()).Returns("SomeValue");

var actual = obj.callStaticThing();

Assert.AreEqual("SomeValue", actual);
HasSomeStaticCall obj = Mock.Create<HasSomeStaticCall>(Behavior.CallOriginal);

Mock.NonPublic.Arrange<string>(obj, "callStaticThingProtected").Returns("SomeValue");
var actual = obj.MethodThatCallsTheProtectedcallStaticThing();

Assert.AreEqual("SomeValue", actual);
Mock.Arrange(() => SomeThirdParty.getFromStaticMethod()).Returns("SomeValue");

HasSomeStaticCall obj = new HasSomeStaticCall();
var actual = obj.Something;

Assert.AreEqual("SomeValue", actual);
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