Type Inference with Deconstruct tuple assignment extension methods

Type Inference with Deconstruct tuple assignment extension methods

By : Brandon
Date : November 21 2020, 03:00 PM
seems to work fine From deconstructions (C# 7.0) documentation :
None of the parameters can be type arguments.
code :

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Extension methods and type inference

Extension methods and type inference

By : gajula krupa
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
should help you out One possibility would be to create a base class for each level and an empty handler class deriving from it:
Base classes:
code :
public abstract class ZooKeeperBase<TZooKeeper, TAnimal>
    where TZooKeeper : ZooKeeperBase<TZooKeeper, TAnimal>
    where TAnimal : Animal
    private string name;
    private List<TAnimal> animalsFed = new List<TAnimal>();
    private TAnimal favoriteAnimal;

    public TZooKeeper Name(string name)
        this.name = name;
        return (TZooKeeper)this;

    public TZooKeeper FeedAnimal(TAnimal animal)
        return (TZooKeeper)this;

    public TZooKeeper Favorite(Func<TAnimal, bool> animalSelector)
        favoriteAnimal = animalsFed.FirstOrDefault(animalSelector);
        return (TZooKeeper)this;

public abstract class ExperiencedZooKeeperBase<TZooKeeper, TAnimal>
    : ZooKeeperBase<TZooKeeper, TAnimal>
    where TZooKeeper : ExperiencedZooKeeperBase<TZooKeeper, TAnimal>
    where TAnimal : Animal
    private List<TAnimal> animalsCured = new List<TAnimal>();

    public TZooKeeper CureAnimal(TAnimal animal)
        return (TZooKeeper)this;
public class ZooKeeper<T> : ZooKeeperBase<ZooKeeper<T>, T>
    where T : Animal

public class ExperiencedZooKeeper<T>
    : ExperiencedZooKeeperBase<ExperiencedZooKeeper<T>, T>
    where T : Animal
Shapeless deconstruct tuple in type parameter declaration

Shapeless deconstruct tuple in type parameter declaration

By : Rahul Bajaj
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
like below fixes the issue I am using a RightFolder that returns a Tuple2 and would like to return the _1 part. The first version rightFoldUntupled1 works fine but uses an additional IsComposite typeclass. , This should work same as rightFoldUntupled1:
code :
def rightFoldUntupled2[L <: HList, Values, M](labels: L)(
  implicit folder: RightFolder.Aux[L, (HNil, Map[String, Any]), getValue.type, (Values, M)]
  ): Values = {
  val state = Map("a" -> 5, "b" -> "five")
  val resultTuple = labels.foldRight((HNil: HNil, state))(getValue)
Deconstruct type level list into nested tuple without sentinel for '[]

Deconstruct type level list into nested tuple without sentinel for '[]

By : Vladimir
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you Use closed type families. They match top-to-bottom, so there's no conflict.
code :
type family Construct (xs :: [Type]) :: Type where
  Construct '[x]      = x
  Construct (x ': xs) = x :<> Construct xs
{-# language
  UndecidableInstances, RankNTypes, TypeOperators, TypeFamilies,
  TypeApplications, ScopedTypeVariables, GADTs, DataKinds, PolyKinds,
  ConstraintKinds, AllowAmbiguousTypes #-}

import Data.List
import Data.Kind

data HList (ts :: [Type]) :: Type where
  Nil  :: HList '[]
  (:>) :: t -> HList ts -> HList (t ': ts)
infixr 5 :>

-- example
foo :: HList [Int, String, Bool]  
foo = 0 :> "foo" :> True :> Nil
type family AllC c (xs :: [a]) :: Constraint where
  AllC c '[]       = ()
  AllC c (x ': xs) = (c x, AllC c xs)

hmap :: forall c ts. AllC c ts => (forall x. c x => x -> x) -> HList ts -> HList ts
hmap f Nil       = Nil
hmap f (x :> xs) = f x :> hmap @c f xs

hmap' :: forall c ts r. AllC c ts => (forall x. c x => x -> r) -> HList ts -> [r]
hmap' f Nil       = []
hmap' f (x :> xs) = f x : hmap' @c f xs
instance AllC Show ts => Show (HList ts) where
  show xs = "[" ++ intercalate ", " (hmap' @Show show xs) ++ "]"
> foo
[0, "foo", True]
Swift 4: Value of tuple type '(assignment: Assignment, tasks: [Task])' has no member 'subscript'

Swift 4: Value of tuple type '(assignment: Assignment, tasks: [Task])' has no member 'subscript'

By : user1733515
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Does that help I have a tableView with multiple sections and rows. I am trying to pass data to the next VC but am getting , Instead of
code :
assignmentsToLoad = [[Task]]()
Type inference when using experimental extension methods in the Dart language

Type inference when using experimental extension methods in the Dart language

By : user3357401
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you The map method is defined as Iterable map(T f(E e)) => MappedIterable(this, f); where E is the type of the list, which can be different from the type of the list. So what you must do is:
code :
extension MyList<E> on List<E> {
  List<T> mapToList<T>(T convert(E e)) => this.map<T>(convert).toList();
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