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Combine WITH statement with UNION

By : Kamel Abbassi
Date : October 14 2020, 08:10 PM
I wish this help you I have the following query, and i want the output in a single row with the delimeter | separating my data :
code :
    select 'WLT_CUSTOMER'||'|'||(
    (select  COUNT(*) as TOTAL_CUSTOMERS 
    where CUST_ID <> 0) from dual;

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How do I combine two queries (union all) into one row?

By : brt235
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Hope that helps I don't understand the problem with sub-querying, it seems like it should be just as fast:
code :
    sub.gn as groupname,
    sum(sub.nj) as NormJobs, sum(sun.nc) as NormCpu,
    sum(sub.sj) as Sys7Jobs, sum(sub.sc) as Sys7Cpu
  from (
          groupname as gn,
          sum(jobs) as nj, sum(cpu) as nc,
          0 as sj, 0 as sc
        from tbl
          where subsys = 'NORM'
          group by groupname
        union all select
            groupname as gn,
            0 as nj, 0 as nc,
            sum(jobs) as sj, sum(cpu) as sc
          from tbl
          where subsys = 'SYS7'
          group by groupname
    ) as sub
    group by sub.gn
    order by 1

Can you define values in a SQL statement that you can join/union, but are not stored in a table outside of the statement

Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
This might help you Sure, you can use a UNION ALL inside a subselect and join with the result of that. Something like this might do the trick:
code :
FROM table1 T1
    SELECT titles, stuff 
    FROM table2
    SELECT 'foo' AS titles, 'foostuff' AS stuff
    SELECT 'bar' AS titles, 'barstuff' AS stuff
) T2
ON T1.id = T2.titles

How can I select mysql data with a union statement where the data matches each select statement, i.e. combine the AND op

By : mekuate
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
wish help you to fix your issue Lets say I have a table with just two columns: name and mood. A row holds a persons name, and their mood, if they have multiple moods, then multiple rows are stored in the DB. , Provided you have no duplicates, you can do it with a subquery:
code :
SELECT `name` FROM (
    SELECT `name`, COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `moods`
    WHERE `mood` IN ('Excited', 'Happy', 'Proud') GROUP BY `name`
) WHERE `count` = 3
SELECT `m1`.`name` FROM `moods` `m1`
JOIN `moods` `m2` USING (`name`)
JOIN `moods` `m3` USING (`name`)
WHERE `m1`.`mood` = 'Excited' AND `m2`.`mood` = 'Happy' AND `m3`.`mood` = 'Proud'
SELECT `name` FROM `moods`
WHERE `mood` IN ('Excited', 'Happy', 'Proud')
GROUP BY `name`

Apart from Union , Union all and Pivot in MS- Sql server can I combine two columns into one column

By : Mohini Rana
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you I am having a result set like
code :
FROM table
         VALUES (Col1), (Col2)
     ) AS T(x)

Combine Union ALL with Inner Join Statement

By : Abdul Basit
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
this one helps. I have a problem how to combine the sql statements (inner join and union all. as a Newbie in SQL. Hopefully all members can help me to solve the problems.attached herewith the SQL. The leave_Trx and leave_History contain same values that need to be union. Thank you.
code :
 select  t.pers_ID,t.startdt, t.enddt,t.noday,t.createdDT,
      (case when t.approveST = 'Y' then 'Approved' when t.approveST = 'N' then 'Not Approved' else 'Pending' end) as appST
      from leave_Trx t
      inner join leave_MType m on m.typeID = t.pers_ID
      inner join hr_personaldata l on l.pers_ID = @pers_ID
      where year(t.startdt) = @yyear and t.status = 'A'
      union all
      select h.pers_ID, h.startdt, h.enddt,h.noday,h.createdDT,
      (case when h.approveST = 'Y' then 'Approved' when h.approveST = 'N' then 'Not Approved' else 'Pending' end) as appST 
      from leave_History h
      inner join leave_MType m on m.typeID = h.pers_ID
      inner join hr_personaldata b on b.pers_ID = @pers_ID
      where year(h.startdt) = @yyear and h.status = 'A'
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